Elbow crab and ladybug

I thrill at finding new Monterey Bay creatures (new to me) and learning about them. This morning I found this beauty on the beach. While taking photos, I spotted what looked like a dead crab or carapace. When… Read More

Marine protection (MPAs) around Monterey Bay

Did you know that along the central California coast there are four different kinds of state Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and 29 distinct places with protection? I didn’t until I attended a three-day meeting in Monterey last week…. Read More

There’s always the harbor

As I write this, it’s amazing outside: calm, clear, warm — 74° F (23° C) — and February.  I don’t often get onto Monterey Bay in February because of rainy, windy weather and large swells. Yet I was… Read More

Monterey Bay basics

My blog postings offer a snapshot of what I see in or along Monterey Bay’s coast while kayaking or walking. They are not in-depth comprehensive views of all that’s happening in the bay at that time. (There’s so… Read More

Heaven on the bay

Beneath rough-hewn wharf ~ over sandy shallows ~ wee bell jellies hunt This week kayaking has been great — high pressure has brought clear blue skies, light winds, gently rolling swells and warm daytime temperatures (although the clear nights… Read More