Jelly blobs

I’ve written quite a bit about beached jelly blobs (mostly jellyfishes, but also sea slugs, sea butterflies and salps). I never planned to write so much about gelatinous animals, although they’re fascinating. However, new ones keep washing ashore and the postings are popular,… Read More

Scrippsia bell jelly

Jelly blobs on the beach are a travesty, like this one I found recently among wave-tossed seagrasses on Del Monte Beach. Lifeless on the sand, such jellies are void of their pulsating grace, intricate structures and delicate colors. Yet I always watch for… Read More

Latest jelly mystery

I didn’t expect to write so much about jelly blobs, but they’re common on beach walks and the mystery of what each is when alive fascinates me. (Here are links to my earlier blogs about not all beach… Read More

Pacific sea nettles have arrived…

Originally posted on The Helm Lab Blog:
Along with this awesome sea lion photobomb pic, a jellywatch.org user reports over 100 sea nettles in Monterey, California on Friday, saying: Sea nettles are back in the Monterey marina in large…

Not all beach blobs are jellies

My local beach the past few weeks has been littered with jelly blobs of various sizes from tennis balls to tennis shoes. While I was looking closely at one, a man walking by told me they were just… Read More