Jelly blobs

I’ve written quite a bit about beached jelly blobs (mostly jellyfishes, but also sea slugs, sea butterflies and salps). I never planned to write so much about gelatinous animals, although they’re fascinating. However, new ones keep washing ashore and the postings are popular,… Read More

Sea butterflies

Animals that aren’t as I expect them to be (such as flightless birds, legless lizards, flying fish) fascinate me. One such animal is the sea butterfly. A sea butterfly is as lovely as its name — it’s a… Read More

Wasted. What is happening to the sea stars of the NE Pacific Ocean?

Great overview and important information to know about sea star wasting. Chris

Dungeness crab season

Today is the opening day of California’s sport fishery for Dungeness crab. The 2013-2014 season runs from November through June. We don’t get much happy environmental news these days and so it’s nice to write about an abundant local animal whose… Read More

What kind of seashell is this?

When I first saw this, that question popped into my head — What kind of seashell is this? I spotted the colorful object in the sand during a low-tide May-day walk. I knew it was a living thing… Read More