Low tide art gallery

As is usual for June, the sky this morning was gray and gloomy. However, the ocean was inviting with a low tide of -0.82 at 8:15. Hidden tidepool treasures were exposed for easy viewing.   I couldn’t help but add to my… Read More

Tideline art gallery

The co-action of waves, surge, sand and tides leaving shells, bones, wood and algae creates constantly changing tideline art galleries. Enjoy the mini-portraits of this ephemeral seaside artwork.              

Sea star wasting: A recovery?

I never thought I’d be thrilled to see a few sea stars (starfish). But after nearly two years of bad news regarding sea star wasting syndrome (they literally melt into oblivion), there’s some good news. First, scientists know… Read More

Dead on a beach

I haven’t posted much lately, and I’m going to blame the sunshine. This is the first rainstorm that we’ve had this year, and only the second of our winter rainy season. It’s just been too nice outside to… Read More

Tidepool sea anemones

Tidepool living has to be tough. Each day cycles through wet, cold and sheltered to dry, warm and exposed, then repeats. Last week I spent some time photographing and exploring tidepools during morning low tides. Amazing what’s there, and the closer you look, the more there… Read More