Cost $$ of marine debris

As a child, I collected seashells and other interesting objects I found on the beach. These days when I walk the beaches of Monterey Bay, I don’t find the same things. I find bottle caps, plastic bottles, food… Read More

Gulls, sanderlings and a dog

Yesterday I took a long beach walk as a storm threatened, and witnessed a surprising sanderling (Calidris alba) and Heermann’s gull (Larus heermanni) interaction. This time of year I often see sanderlings, which are winter Monterey Bay visitors. They’re… Read More

Monterey Bay basics

My blog postings offer a snapshot of what I see in or along Monterey Bay’s coast while kayaking or walking. They are not in-depth comprehensive views of all that’s happening in the bay at that time. (There’s so… Read More

Vultures on the beach

A favorite sighting when I walk Monterey Bay’s most deserted beaches is of turkey vultures (Cathartes aura), and that’s because of the associated detective story — the whodunit. This is how today’s saga unfolded. On my walk this morning,… Read More

Pacific Rowing Race June 2014

For the latest, visit my new post. I know you’re not ready for 2014 (I’m not), but I just learned from a blogger in the UK (How to Cross an Ocean) that there’s a scheme in the works for… Read More