Elephant seal portraits 1: Males

Winter brings elephant seals to the California coast — massive bellicose males and weary pregnant-plump females that deliver baggy newborns. Their annual ritual along remote beaches and among sand dunes starting in December includes battling, birthing, mating and,… Read More

New camera, better shorebirds

For my blog photos I’ve been using an Olympus Tough. I love the rugged little waterproof camera for kayaking and long beach walks, but for birding, I was wanting something more. I just picked up a new camera… Read More

Monterey Bay Walk #3

Yesterday I completed the final 10-mile (16-km) leg of my Monterey Bay trek with Sandy Lydon and company. (Last year I walked this same stretch on my final day with Slow Adventure.) These are home beaches for me… Read More

World Oceans Day 2013

Saturday, June 8, is World Oceans Day.  This global event honors our blue planet and celebrates all that it means to us. The idea of a worldwide ocean day began in 1992, and in 2008, the United Nations General… Read More

Marine protection (MPAs) around Monterey Bay

Did you know that along the central California coast there are four different kinds of state Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) and 29 distinct places with protection? I didn’t until I attended a three-day meeting in Monterey last week…. Read More