Coastside Trail: Best birds 1

Here are my best shots from the first part of the south-to-north trek along the coast of Half Moon Bay. (Best doesn’t mean great, just those good enough to post.) Enjoy. Here’s the key by column: Column 1: Savannah Sparrow, White-crowned Sparrow (feeding… Read More

Coastside Trail Day 4: To Moss Beach

The day started cloudy and windless, then ended sunny, a wonderful change from the previous day’s chilling wind. The plan was to leave Princeton-by-the-Sea, walk to the base of the hill you see here, then to the top and… Read More

Coastside Trail Day 3: To Princeton-by-the-Sea

Our morning was cloudy and windy all along the coast. We got some welcome sunny warmth in the afternoon. The birds didn’t seem to mind the wind as much as we did. We saw 48 species, with about… Read More

Coastside Trail Day 2: Half Moon Bay

Monday was cool and overcast all day. During our 6-mile walk along a trailer park creek through the Ritz Carlton golf links to downtown Half Moon Bay, we saw 61 bird species. Amazing. There were many of the… Read More

Coastside Trail Day 1: Arrival

Today was beautiful walking the Coastide Trail on the south end of Half Moon Bay. There weren’t a lot of bird species, but there were a lot of sparrows. The surprise find for me on my solo walk,… Read More