Wandering tattler

This name evokes an image of an inebriated medieval peddler hawking gossip along with his wares. From the first time I heard it, the name fascinated me, and hence the bird with this name does, to0. The wandering tattler (Tringa incana) is… Read More

Point Lobos birding +

Point Lobos (Point Lobos State Natural Reserve) is a great place to visit any time of the year — the views are amazing and the wildlife always plenty. Yet this time of year is truly amazing for watching… Read More

Western kingbird

The Western Kingbird (Tyrannus verticalis) was a new bird for me, spotted on the last day of last week’s Half Moon Bay Coastside Trail walk. It’s a multi-pastel-colored bird (a type of flycatcher) that’s a little smaller than a robin…. Read More

Coastside Trail: Best birds 3

Here’s my final set of best shots from the last leg of the south-to-north trek along the Half Moon Bay coast from Princeton-by-the-Sea to Moss Beach. Enjoy and get outside. There’s so much to see. Here’s the key by column: Column 1: House Sparrow,… Read More

Coastside Trail: Best birds 2

These are my best shots from the next part of the south-to-north trek along the coast of Half Moon Bay to Princeton-by-the-Sea. We spent our time close to shore buffeted by coastal winds. Here’s the key by column: Column 1: Snowy Plover + Sanderlings, Snowy Plover,… Read More