Coastside Trail Day 1: Arrival

Today was beautiful walking the Coastide Trail on the south end of Half Moon Bay.

There weren’t a lot of bird species, but there were a lot of sparrows. The surprise find for me on my solo walk, besides the song sparrows and white-crowned sparrows, was this secretive, solitary savannah sparrow that popped out of the brush and showed off a bit.

The other treat was a patient parent white-crowned sparrow feeding an insistent youngster.

More tomorrow with Slow Adventure’s birding trip and Al Jaramillo, and my test of blogging from the road with my iPad.

2 Comments on “Coastside Trail Day 1: Arrival

  1. Great post, I love the landscape shot, south end Half Moon Bay, and the savannah sparrow is special. Good luck with mobile posting, I hope to get there myself.


    • Mobile posting is working for this short trip around Half Moon Bay, and I’m learning a lot about what I can and can’t do. I’m finding it challenging because I’m uncertain of the photo quality on my iPad and the keypad is a pain. So I’m keeping it short. Maybe with practice?



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