Another odd goose

Odd Goose2 by Chris ParsonsThis is the second goose in a week that has tested by fledgling bird identification skills. I took this shot at the Hopkins Marine Station beach while watching the snoozing harbor seals. This goose, as you can see, is about the size of the Canada geese, but is more white than those birds or the one I showed you in my Carmel Bay walk post. Another Canada goose hybrid maybe, or an escaped domestic?

2 Comments on “Another odd goose

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I think it’s a good one. Are you familiar with snow geese? They appear here, but rarely, so I hadn’t considered it. My other thought was an immature Ross’s goose. However, the feet and bill colors don’t seem to match either species. It’s fun to find outliers.

      Update: After a little online research, it appears that there have been several sightings of snow goose/geese this winter. : )



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