No news update

Spring has blown into the bay with strong northwest winds (our springtime signature). For more than a week winds have been fairly steady – at up to 30 mph (26 knots or 48 km/hr). It’s been nice for… Read More

Sea lions vs. cormorants

Barking, raucous sea lions have been dominating the Monterey breakwater. It’s a perfect spot for young males (mostly) to rest in the winter sun. But that’s about to change. Yesterday a cormorant carrying a wad of algae and seagrasses… Read More

There’s always the harbor

As I write this, it’s amazing outside: calm, clear, warm — 74° F (23° C) — and February.  I don’t often get onto Monterey Bay in February because of rainy, windy weather and large swells. Yet I was… Read More

Very pregnant harbor seals

During my walk today I checked on the harbor seals that regularly line the west beach at Hopkins Marine Station (Pacific Grove, CA). The pregnant females looked like overstuffed sausages ready to burst. When harbor seals start giving… Read More