Bad spring for California sea lions

It looks like another bad spring for sea lions, especially in Southern California, although we’re also seeing some signs along the Central California coast. This spring thousands of sea lions, mostly youngsters, that are weak and undernourished are showing… Read More

Sea lions stranded

A lone sea lion on a busy Monterey Bay beach is in serious, and potentially dangerous, trouble. It’s also a sad sight. When they’re sick, malnourished or injured, sea lions will haul out onto land to rest, recouperate or… Read More

Young sea lions in distress

Young California sea lions have been in the news lately. Emaciated, dehydrated, hungry, and in some cases dying or dead, hundreds have appeared on the beaches and shorelines of southern California this year. (So far about 1,300 have… Read More

Sea lions vs. cormorants update

See my post on the fence blocking the view of the cormorants at Breakwater blues. The cormorants are gaining ground. Today while kayaking I spotted lots of courting birds, some mating and one early nester on the Monterey breakwater…. Read More

Freezing fingers riding the tide

I don’t kayak much in January — it’s often stormy, windy, wet and cold. But despite this week’s freezing overnight temperatures (had to clear ice from inside my kayak before launching in the morning), conditions have been perfect:… Read More