Half Moon Bay surprise

One of the surprises on my birding walk around Half Moon Bay was this little cutie.

This long-tailed weasel popped out of a hole (squirrel? or gopher?) in the Coastside Trail along a shoreline cliff. We were looking across the ocean for seabirds and whales, and our birding guide, Alvaro Jaramillo, spotted the weasel at our feet. Adorable (except if you’re prey).

6 Comments on “Half Moon Bay surprise

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  2. My husband and son have seen this creature on the coastal trail a few times as well! We are still trying to figure out what it is. So cute….but it was chasing after a baby bunny 😦


    • Hi Luna
      Even though he looks cute, a long-tailed weasel is a serious predator, eating most any small animals it can get its teeth into. The prey list is long. Rodents are a favorite, and so are bunnies.



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