Cormorant hatchlings

June 15, 2013

Update: June 15, 2013: 
Wow, triplets in a nest!

June 11, 2013





Update: June 11, 2013:
More hatchlings and growing families this week.

June 5, 2013

June 5, 2013





Update: June 5, 2013:
Hatchlings are growing rapidly.

I started watching the Brandt’s cormorants on the breakwater in February when they evicted sea lions from the upper rocks. In April and May they worked ceaselessly building nests and tending them. I’ve watched the nest mounds grow, the rocks whiten and the sitting birds thin. This morning I spotted hatchlings.

Cormorant Hatchlings by CM Parsons

June 2, 2013

From the public overlook I was excited to find one nest with two young. This week I’ll kayak by to look for more on the less accessible end of the breakwater.

I look forward to watching the parents deliver meals to these young ones as they develop over the next few weeks.

2 Comments on “Cormorant hatchlings

    • Hi Katie
      There’s so much to see in and around the bay. The cormorants are ever-present and always interesting to watch.
      Happy to share and trade info. Chris



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