Cormorants rule

The cormorants have taken the breakwater (mostly) from the sea lions. Cormorant w/ Nest by CM ParsonsIn this photo of a Brandt’s cormorant, you can see the algae at the bird’s feet — the beginnings of a nest. All along the waterfront, cormorants are flying busily to and fro with wads of algae and seagrasses in their mouths for building nests.

Part of the birds’ breakwater takeover occurs because mature sea lions move on to breeding waters and islands off the coast and part because of the tenacity of the cormorants. The birds will be nesting here through spring and summer (you see some of our summer fog has already drifted in). As their nests progress, I’ll keep you posted. (See my Bestiary pages for more about cormorants and sea lions.)

Breakwater February 2013

Breakwater February 2013

Breakwater April 2013

early April 2013

Breakwater late April 2013

Breakwater late April 2013


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